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The Mystical Beauty of Crystals Crystals have long been revered for their beauty and mystical properties, serving as conduits for healing, protection, and transformation. Each crystal, with its unique structure and vibrational energy, connects with us in profound ways. However, the care of these precious stones is paramount to maintaining their power. Among the various […]

Crystal & Magic: Intention Setting & Manifesting Using Crystal Grids
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If you’ve ever felt drawn to the shimmering allure of crystals, you’re about to embark on a truly enchanting journey. Crystals aren’t only the earth’s natural treasures; they’re companions that are ready to guide you toward healing, growth, and profound transformation. In this article, I invite you to explore the captivating world of crystals and […]

Goal Setting V Intention Setting
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When it comes to listening to our intuition, let’s explore the difference between intention setting and goal setting and how to tap into our soul’s desires! Intention Setting I get asked a lot about the difference between intention setting vs goals. Maybe you’re wondering what the difference is between the two as well. It’s a […]

Do you follow the moon cycles or think it’s all a bit of made-up nonsense?

I honestly never really considered it until some years into my personal development journey. I always used to love the full moon, and I would do full moon celebrations with my husband before we had kids, which was basically a good excuse to sit under the stars on the beach at night and drink rum… 

However, as I grew in my personal development, I really began to start to see a pattern with my menstrual cycle and moons cycle. That’s when I began to start tracking, and BOOM!

May 1, 2023
Moon Magic Manifesting Journal

Have you ever done much work with your chakras?

Chakras are the energy centres or portals (as I like to call them) that are held within certain areas within the body.

There are 114 chakras in the human body in total! However, the most commonly known are the seven key chakras which are probably the ones you may be more familiar with.

Once you pay closer attention to these, you can really begin to align and understand when one or more of these are blocked. Our body is a great tool for telling us what’s up; the problem is in our busy, hectic world, we don’t slow down enough to stop and listen.

April 1, 2023
How to recognise if a chakra is blocked

I wanted to come in here and remind you that abundance is all around you. If you came to my recent workshop you would have experienced my beautiful meditation that reminds you of just this. It’s easy to get caught up in the world news. You can still have an understanding of what is happening in world events without letting it affect you or your mindset.

I had a really great coach who many years ago said you create your own economy which is especially true if you work for yourself and well if you don’t you can always look at a new way to bring more income and money to you. The opportunities are endless, we just have to be in an open, receiving mindset.

March 1, 2023
Create a Money Mindset for an Abundant Life

Gratitude is a term that can be overused, but this simple practice has a huge impact not only on your mental health but also on your internal and external world.

When we practice this daily, it becomes a shift in our mindset and pivots you into a better energetic space which in turn opens you up to receiving more good in your life even if it doesn’t feel like celebrating.

February 1, 2023
Business Life Magic's Gratitude Journal

Personal development doesn’t have to necessarily mean huge big leaps. It’s usually making slight subtle changes to our mindset, and our thinking, which then leads to changes in our habits and emotional intelligence, it all has a knock-on effect.

Journaling is a really underused practice and it is one of the key ways to delving into your subconscious to get clarity on things you aren’t necessarily aware of; it’s the key to turning things around. If you know what isn’t working for you that is a great clue to highlighting what it is you do want.

January 1, 2023
Business Life Magic Dream Life Manifesting Journal

Hello, beautiful. I just want to share something with you that is coming up a lot in my coaching sessions at the moment. I talk a lot about journaling and the huge benefits that journaling can do for you. It’s not just a nice little pretty exercise, it’s basically a way to brain dump all the stuff that’s going on in your head that might be bogging you down.

It’s a very simple yet effective way to release any worries or thoughts that may be weighing you down. If you’re a bit of an overthinker like me, journaling is just an amazing practice to get into.

November 1, 2022
The One Journaling Tip To Set You Free