A morning to slow down, take time out for you, to connect to your soul and get clarity on what it is you desire. It's a mini retreat for your soul...



Vision Board Workshop

Uplevel your Manifesting Power!

Are you ready to...
This is more than just a Vision Board Workshop. I've energetically created this workshop to take you on a magical journey where we will delve deep into the world of visualisation, intention setting, and manifesting. You'll be crystal clear on what it is you want to call in for the year ahead by the time you leave.

AND each attendee will have a mini crystal and reiki treatment thrown in too! We have had some amazing results from previous students that have attended, some which have been mind blowing. I'll be sharing my tools of my many years experience with you during this morning

Visualisation is a known and proven scientifically, and by creating a vision board takes things to a whole new level.

And see the Magic Unfold...

Let's create some magic...

Supercharge your manifesting power using A Vision Baord to assist you.

Learn how to be still in this busy and hectic world we live in, learn how to tune into what it is you desire at a soul level, putting in the steps to watch it unfold, whilst having fun creating a vision board in the process.

It's a morning of stillness and connection, and you'll walk away feeling lighter, with clarity on what you want for the year ahead.

Think: Alignment, Connection, Grounding, Crystals, Reiki & Play! 

A magical morning filled with beautiful energy and techniques to get you crystal clear on what you want to bring into your future for the next 12 months.

You will recieve a mini reiki & crystal energy alignment, mixed with guided meditations, some visualisation techniques before we get to the fun of creating your own vision board.

Come along and immerse yourself for some YOU time. Soak up the energy of this peaceful location, re-align, re-connect, and re-ground, and create a vision board!

We end the morning with some lovely tea and treats! You'll leave rebalanced, refreshed and ready to bring in what you desire for the year ahead!

ALL attendees will leave with a beautiful FREE gift too and extra bonuses are thrown in!

What's included:


This workshop exceed all my expectations & Played a Pivital role in helping me visualise my goals for the year ahead

What past students said...



one-time payment

Now is the time to take aligned action. Your future self will thank you....

Invest in yourself...




one-time payment

Includes all course modules, plus, special bonuses !

Now is the time to take aligned action. Your future self will thank you....

Invest in yourself...



it left me with the most beautiful feeling. It was sensational, it left me feeling so excited.

It was phenomenal

The exercises were so beautiful and I loved the feeling of spaciousness that you gave. The pacing was just gentle and intentional and it helped to create a space within me so ripe and ready to feel into that creative energy and bring things forth with the energy initiated into this. I’m excited to share this with others so they can too. It was just magical, Thank you so much!

Hi! I'M SAndy - A Soulful EmpowermenT coach & Manifesting Mentor From Australia. I HELP HEART-LED SOULS FIND ULTIMATE CLARITY & UPLEVEL TO A NEW SOULFUL LEVEL.

Meet Your Coach & Mentor

I live near the beach as the ocean has always been my sanctuary, its where I feel most connected and alive.

Throughout my fifteen-year journey, I've crafted my own powerful coaching and manifesting methods over the years to give you the tools to incorporate these into your own world. It brings me immense joy and honour to guide beautiful souls like you in manifesting their dreams, through my online community, in-person events, courses, 1-2-1 coaching, and my soul-enriching magical personal development products.

Witnessing countless miracles unfold for my clients and students who courageously choose to embrace their dreams fills my heart with so much joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Morning tea and treats are provided, however if you are travelling from a distance or tend to get hungry we advise you bring your own lunch. Otherwise there is a a cafe on site where you are welcome to get food later in the morning.

Is food provided?

The morning starts promptly at 9am, we have the room until 2pm but you are free to leave from 12.30 onwards. Some people finish quicker than others.  We go with the flow during the morning.

How long is the masterclass?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds. If you have paid and can no longer attend of any reason we will allow you to gift this to another person in your absence. 


No you do not need to bring anything as everything is provided for you for the morning. You will be emailed full details after purchase on additional items you can bring (at your own choice) such as warm clothes and personal images and photos.

Do I have to Bring my own yoga mat?


A memory I will always remember

A I had never done a vision board before and was so surprised what came from this masterclass. Thank you Sandy as that will truly be a memory I will always remember.


Highly recommend!

I recently had the great pleasure of joining Sandy for her vision board masterclass. She put me completely at ease with her inclusive manner and set-up the space beautifully. I can highly recommend Sandy's masterclasses to everyone! 


Come join us for a beautiful calm and inspiring morning, with a mini reiki & crystal energy alignment, guided meditation, and then get creative to create your own vision board!


Let's Create Some Magic!