Dancing with the moon cycles

Intention, Mindset • May 1, 2023

Do you follow the moon cycles or think it’s all a bit of made-up nonsense?

I honestly never really considered it until some years into my personal development journey. I always used to love the full moon, and I would do full moon celebrations with my husband before we had kids, which was basically a good excuse to sit under the stars on the beach at night and drink rum… 

However, as I grew in my personal development, I really began to start to see a pattern with my menstrual cycle and moons cycle. That’s when I began to start tracking, and BOOM

That’s when I realised my own patterns and cycle and how they were interconnected to the moon. That’s when my life changed for the better, as I had much more awareness and understanding of my whole body, mind, and spirit.  I understood when I needed downtime, rest, and nurture and when I was in a more energetic and creative phase, which intern led me to be more productive and stopped me from feeling so overwhelmed and burnt out!

Aligning to the phases of the moon is one of the most magical things you can do for yourself. It helps you get to the crux of being more productive and reminds you when to slow down and work within your natural rhythm.

The moon has its own natural cycle that also affects the earth through tides and the human body. So much so that if our body is out of alignment, you’ll soon notice that things in life can feel like an uphill struggle.

Once I fully understood how the moon cycles integrated with my feminine cycle, my life transformed. I understood when I was most creative, so I could carve out the appropriate time in my diary for that part of my cycle to focus on my creative tasks.

When I felt more energised and vibrant, I would make my social content and videos, have dinner with friends, and run my events during this time, i.e. the outward-facing stuff.

Most importantly, when I needed the downtime to rest and recoup, I would schedule more self-care, eat more nourishing foods, and make a conscious effort not to do any ‘outward-facing’ client work or workshops during this time as I knew my energy needed to be used in other ways, like doing more behind the scenes work.

We live in a very masculine world, working on a very masculine schedule and routine. When we as women try to fit into this male cycle that isn’t aligned with our feminine cycle, things quickly get out of alignment.

So the best way forward is first to learn and understand the moon cycles, then track your menstrual cycle (also known as cycle syncing); you’ll then start to realise what phases of your menstrual cycle line up with the moon cycle.

Once you start tracking, you will start to notice patterns. You’ll have clarity on what phases of the moon and your menstrual cycle you are in and can plan your schedule around this going forward.

In the long run, this will help you align and feel more like yourself again. You won’t be pushing hard when you need to retreat and focus on self-care, and in turn, you will be more productive.

So if you want to understand this on a deeper level. You’re in luck!

This is why I created my Moon Manifesting Planner, which you can purchase via Amazon.

If you haven’t been tracking the moon cycles, or maybe you just dabbled and didn’t really commit to doing it, I recommend giving it a go. 

It’s pretty incredible once you begin to understand your own patterns and have such awareness about your mood and your body patterns.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Happy tracking! 

Dancing With The Moon Cycles

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