How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude

Intention, Mindset • February 1, 2023

Gratitude is a term that can be overused, but this simple practice has a huge impact not only on your mental health but also on your internal and external world.

When we practice this daily, it becomes a shift in our mindset and pivots you into a better energetic space which in turn opens you up to receiving more good in your life even if it doesn’t feel like celebrating.

“What seems like is bad or not going right in your world 

 is someone else’s amazing.” anon

Life can sometimes take us on a path of feelings of lack and uncertainty. Still, when we pivot our mindset and thoughts to align ourselves with a regular gratitude practice, our external world miraculously transforms into one of abundance, hope, and gratitude.

Gratitude brings our focus and awareness to what is already in our lives rather than what isn’t.

I launched a Mindfulness Gratitude Journal recently to help you with this; you may have already taken advantage of my FREE 21-Day Gratitude Challenge. If so, this journal goes into another level of understanding and takes you deeper into your gratitude practice.

It has valuable tools, worksheets, questions, and journaling prompts to take you on a journey of self-reflection and self-gratitude for a deeper level of healing and understanding of yourself.

Inside the gratitude journal, you will find everything you need to create an attitude of gratitude successfully!

This journal will help you to focus on creating soul-aligned connections to what you are grateful for and why, with helpful action steps to address different areas of your life so that your life brings in more light, brightness and abundance in all areas of your life and mindset.

So take note, what are you grateful for today?

If you want to see and feel more magic show up in your life today, focus on gratitude and let the abundance flow! 

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How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude

GRATITUDE JOURNAL (Full Edition): Focus on Gratitude and let the abundance flow!

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