Journal Your Way To Your Dream Life!

Intention, Mindset • January 1, 2023

Personal development doesn’t have to necessarily mean huge big leaps. It’s usually making slight subtle changes to our mindset, and our thinking, which then leads to changes in our habits and emotional intelligence, it all has a knock-on effect.

Journaling is a really underused practice and it is one of the key ways to delving into your subconscious to get clarity on things you aren’t necessarily aware of; it’s the key to turning things around. If you know what isn’t working for you that is a great clue to highlighting what it is you do want.

I created five beautiful Mindfulness Manifesting Planners last year. This was a passion project that turned into more than I could have dreamed of. Since the idea and creation came to life, they have become an Amazon Best Seller (when launched in April 2022), and they have since been sold in shops (I’m still looking to expand my wholesalers this year, so if you have a store and would like to stock my planners then get in touch) at markets, online and are continuing to help and make an impact to those that use them.

These planners have since taken off on a journey of their own and I am eternally grateful to my mastermind group for giving me the focus and nudge to get them finished and out into the world!

Since their launch last year, they have been sold near and far around the world, and my intention for them is to reach more beautiful souls to help guide them on their journey in 2023!

They are part self-coaching, part journal and part planner. Each is unique and individual to each topic and they are not date specific, which means you can start at any time of the year and they also make the perfect gift.

So why not kick-start 2023 off on the right foot? 

Choose a planner that speaks to you and get your year off on the right track. These planners will gently help you to get clarity, connect and aligned at a soulful level.

Once we’re energetically aligned and fully balanced we can tackle the modern-day crazy chaotic world that we are all having to face. It helps to remind us of who we truly are and that we are actually capable of much more than we ever give ourselves credit for.

You can find the full planner series on Amazon in your relevant country or else you can purchase them from our shop! The below link is for Amazon Australia only but if you search for my name and you’ll find the full series available in your relevant country.

So enjoy, the tricky part is deciding which one to start with first!

Journal Your Way To Your Dream Life! 

DREAM LIFE MANIFESTING PLANNER: Get clarity on what you want & how to get it!

  • Part Self-Coaching
  • Part Journal
  • Part Planner

These planners have been created to enhance your soul’s transition and expansion to new levels!

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