Create a Money Mindset for an Abundant Life

Intention, Mindset • March 1, 2023

I wanted to come in here and remind you that abundance is all around you. If you came to my recent workshop you would have experienced my beautiful meditation that reminds you of just this. It’s easy to get caught up in the world news. You can still have an understanding of what is happening in world events without letting it affect you or your mindset.

I had a really great coach who many years ago said you create your own economy which is especially true if you work for yourself and well if you don’t you can always look at a new way to bring more income and money to you. The opportunities are endless, we just have to be in an open, receiving mindset.

Money is quite simply energy! When we are in a good energetic space, we can be more open to receiving, and this includes allowing all forms of abundance and prosperity to flow to us, including that in the form of money.

We tend to default to what isn’t working in our life rather than keeping focused on what we do have or want. When we focus on the areas we are abundant in, that feeling pulls in more of that to us, simple really…

“Our energy flows where intention goes”. (anon)

So if we begin to work on our relationship with money and get crystal clear clarity on our money relationship and situation, and set clear intentions on where we want our financial situation and relationship to be, then our whole relationship and energy around money shifts to a more prosperous outcome.

Our money mindset and our money relationship is complex, with deep layers that go back to ancestral patterns and behaviours that may have influenced us from a young age. It’s down to us to really be brave to take that step forward to breaking those patterns and behaviours, to heal old wounds so that we can create a new energetic relationship with money.

So if you need some help with your money mindset or you simply just want to focus your attention to bring in some more money so you can use it for something fun, special, or creative then make sure you get a copy of my Money & Abundance planner.

It has been created with valuable tools, worksheets, questions, and journaling prompts to take you on a journey of self-reflection to give you the tools to get clarity on where you are in your money journey now and where you are heading.

Inside the Money & Abundance planner, you will find everything you need to create a better attitude, relationship, and connection with money. Once you are able to do this, hopefully, you will see and feel the abundance start to flow and flourish in your life.

Be open to receive and let the abundance flow and call in your abundance and manifesting powers!
Any questions let me know.

Happy Manifesting! 

Create a Money Mindset for an Abundant Life

MONEY AND ABUNDANCE PLANNER: Be open to receive and let the abundance flow

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