The One Journaling Tip To Set You Free!

Manifesting • November 1, 2022

Hello, beautiful. I just want to share something with you that is coming up a lot in my coaching sessions at the moment. I talk a lot about journaling and the huge benefits that journaling can do for you. It’s not just a nice little pretty exercise, it’s basically a way to brain dump all the stuff that’s going on in your head that might be bogging you down.

It’s a very simple yet effective way to release any worries or thoughts that may be weighing you down. If you’re a bit of an overthinker like me, journaling is just an amazing practice to get into. One of the issues that keep popping up and I just wanted to share is that, when I’m talking to people about it, they’re like,

“Yeah, I used to do journaling and I loved it, but I just can’t keep it up. I can’t sustain it. I can’t journal every day,” So here’s the thing, I have a revelation for you. You don’t need to journal every day!

Say what?

What you can do is to make sure you carve out the time in your week. Schedule the time. We’re all busy, we’ve all got busy lives. We’ve all got households to run, families to look after, work to do.

However, all you need to start is 15, 20 minutes, or half an hour, whatever you can afford to do in your week. Put the time aside as you would for any important appointment, just once a week, in your diary, at the same time each week ideally, and put that as your journaling time.

Even if you have to just try and figure that in and around the kids’ nap times, or in the evening when the kids are down, or whatever is going to work with your schedule. Sit down with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, just give yourself that time. Once a week is all you need to kickstart things. Then what you’ll see is once you start doing this as a regular practice, things will start to unfold.

You will find your way of processing what’s bothering you. I have lots of tools and techniques on ways to delve deeper into journaling, however, I’m not going to share that with you just now. But what I would like you to do, if you’re interested, is just to start carving out one time in your schedule each week and just get that stuff that’s bogging you down out of your head onto paper.

You don’t have to read it back. It’s not about writing a beautiful essay that’s going to make sense to anyone. You can journal and never look at it ever again. Some people like to read it back, but I never actually really look at what I’ve written. It’s just a brain dump. It’s a process.

I use it to shift the negative thoughts, I use it to reinforce the positive thoughts. See how you go and drop me a message and let me know how you’re getting on with it. I hope that is useful, before you know it you’ll be journalling like a pro!

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