If you’ve ever felt drawn to the shimmering allure of crystals, you’re about to embark on a truly enchanting journey. Crystals aren’t only the earth’s natural treasures; they’re companions that are ready to guide you toward healing, growth, and profound transformation. In this article, I invite you to explore the captivating world of crystals and […]

February 3, 2024
Crystal & Magic: Intention Setting & Manifesting Using Crystal Grids

Why Visualisation Works And What To Do If You Aren’t A Visual Person (Workshop) Visualisation is such a powerful tool. It’s been proven scientifically that what we visualise can become our reality. Our brains can’t tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, so by being super clear on what we want, it […]

August 1, 2023

Hello, beautiful. I just want to share something with you that is coming up a lot in my coaching sessions at the moment. I talk a lot about journaling and the huge benefits that journaling can do for you. It’s not just a nice little pretty exercise, it’s basically a way to brain dump all the stuff that’s going on in your head that might be bogging you down.

It’s a very simple yet effective way to release any worries or thoughts that may be weighing you down. If you’re a bit of an overthinker like me, journaling is just an amazing practice to get into.

November 1, 2022
The One Journaling Tip To Set You Free